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1. Purple Party
Reid Moriarty  

Reid and his longtime music therapist, Angela Neve, collaborated on Purple Party, a collection of catchy songs for all ages about each color of the rainbow: “Red Song by Reid,” “Orange Piano,” “Mellow Yellow,” “Being Green,” “I’ve Got the Blues,” and the title track, “Purple Party.”

Starting with Reid’s favorite color, orange, the two wrote the collection to help Reid express himself and appeal to the preschoolers Angela serves in her clinic. Reid is a long-standing fan of Raffi, The Muppets, and Blue’s Clues who influence his imaginative, stream of consciousness lyrics.

Angela recalled the origin of the Seussian song “Orange Piano” in a conversation with Reid. “I remember you were conducting with a drumstick mallet when all of a sudden you shut the door and said, ‘Door automatically close…I’m a magician with an orange piano!’ I said, those sound like great song lyrics so, we wrote them down.”

Reid learned more about the recording process from Angela as well as several graduates of the prestigious Berklee College of Music: producer Chris Hobson (2002), music therapy intern Emma Byrd (2015), and Allie Moriarty (2017), Reid’s twin sister. All contributed to the professionalism of Purple Party. “If you’re going to make music, make sure it’s good,” is Angela’s first songwriting tip on the bonus track.

Reid’s 4th grade teacher, Jodie Romero, now Behavior Specialist with Solana Beach School District, reports her own “kids are singing along…and know every word to every song. The CD is going non-stop. Reid sounds similar to Neil Young in his Being Green song. Love it!”

Purple Party is a valuable resource for parents and teachers, musicians and non-musicians. Romero continued, “My son had been struggling to learn colors; pairing these songs with objects helped him learn them.”

The CD includes two bonus tracks: a recent Talk Time podcast where Moriarty interviews Neve about being a music therapist and Songwriting Tips to help teachers, therapists, and families write their own songs.


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