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Capernaum Talent Show - June 2011 - 1288

Reid Moriarty is a versatile vocalist and seasoned performer on keyboard.  He has a song in his heart and music on his lips.  Always singing, his bus driver’s daily greeting is, “I need a song…what have you got for me today?”

Intuitive and gregarious, Reid has been featured on KUSI’s morning show, at the “Christmas on the Promenade” in Point Loma, and at various local fundraisers for Young Life Capernaum, Autism Speaks, Noah Homes, Autism Society of America, Jobs for Autism and others.

As front man for The Kingsmen, a band of 4 guys on the autism spectrum, Reid engages the crowd, keeps his bandmates on point, and adds energy to every stage.  Practicing at The Music Therapy Center of California, the band served as de facto spokesmen for Banding Together, an affiliated nonprofit, for 3 years performing quarterly at local coffeehouses and other venues. The Kingsmen recorded their debut CD in 2008 capturing a repertoire of hit covers including “Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley, “Meant to Live” by Switchfoot, and the live crowd pleaser, “Hang On Sloopy.”

Reid began songwriting with “This is What I Believe,” his statement of faith set to music in preparation for an ocean baptism. In collaboration with his longtime music therapist, Angela Neve, he sang this song to a tearful crowd including pastors of Solana Beach Presbyterian who suggested recording it for the entire church.

A second song, “Shine,” was written as original material for The Kingsmen band.  Reid is also writing a series of color songs of which “Orange Piano” is soon to be released.  Reid helped write “Snack Shooter,” an advertising jingle to promote Pioneer Day School‘s vending machine program and recorded a single of “The Optimism Song” as a school fundraiser.

A patron of the arts, Reid claims influence from absolutely all kinds of music from Gregory Isaacs to Phillip Phillips.  An afficionado of old musicals, he is a regular at both Copley Symphony Hall and the Belly Up Tavern having done Soundcheck Jams there with the English Beat and Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks.  Once a month he leads worship at a local group home for adults with developmental disabilities with his Young Life Capernaum leader.

At 18 years old, Reid attends Torrey Pines High School near Solana Beach where he does morning announcements.  He plays Miracle League baseball, swims, hikes, and adores Mexican food.  In all his pursuits, Reid brings a contagious sense of joy and freedom that inspires others and delivers a new perspective on life.

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