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Public speaker with autism holding a audience of studentts in rapt attention



Connecting with all ages to

make ability awareness more fun 


Reid recounts high points and humorous notes from his interviews with the likes of Temple Grandin, Andy Grammer, and Murray Monster of Sesame Street. His direct, comedic style strikes a chord of human interest and the climax is an 

impactful live interview with a brave volunteer. 


Ideal Audience: 4th grade to adult

Themes: connection, conversation, podcasting, ability awareness

My First 50 Podcasts

Tracing his faith journey from nursery through elementary to adulthood, Reid and his mother co-present this challenge for participants to employ the strengths and spiritual gifts of all the members of their church.  Reid's story ends with the making of his worship CD “Shine.”

Ideal Audience: high school to adult

Themes: disability ministry, music, worship, spiritual gifts, strengths, discipleship

Who's My Church?

At an early age, Reid learned everything he knew through music. For this interactive, energetic show he performs his catchy original songs –Red Song, Orange Piano, Mellow Yellow, Being Green, I’ve Got the Blues, and Purple Party for every color of the rainbow making friends in the process.


Ideal Audience: preschool - 2nd grade

Themes: pre-reading, recycling, rhyming, movement, participation

Purple Party

Reid summarizes his mom's book, Radical Inclusion, in his own words through story and song. Stories of making his podcast morph with songs he wrote or loves to summarize how risk, humility, and kindness are building blocks for a more inclusive society.


Ideal Audience: 3rd grade to adult

Themes: power of music, music therapy, inclusion, ability awareness, self determination, character development

Musical Monologue
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