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Reid loves an audience. His talks are entertaining, novel, and educational. The following multi-media presentations are ready to go; we are also happy to customize something to meet the needs of your audience. Speaking fees vary from $50-500 depending on logistics, travel, and your budget.


Purple Party

Music captured Reid’s attention from an early age, helping him learn math facts, regulate his body, and express himself. For this interactive energetic show, he performs catchy original songs –Red Song, Orange Piano, Mellow Yellow, Being Green, I’ve Got the Blues, and Purple Party – for every color of the rainbow. Audiences of all ages will be dancing in their seats and leave singing with a new friend whoshows rather than tells them about autism.

My First 50 Podcasts

Talk Time with Reid Moriarty is a series of 7-minute interviews with people Reid finds interesting, and you might too. Don’t let his autism diagnosis fool you; Reid is a charismatic, innate emcee whose direct, comedic style strikes a chord of human interest. He recounts high points from more than 70 conversations with the likes of Temple Grandin, Andy Grammer, and Murray Monster of Sesame Street. The climax is always the live interview with a brave volunteer.

The Making of “Joel and Reid in the Word”

Experience a new video devotional series created by and for individuals with special needs. Videographer/artist Joel Anderson and musician/podcast host Reid Moriarty describe their collaboration, business plan, and show you several 7-minute devotionals designed specifically for teens and adults with disabilities.


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