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performer with autism singing on stage

A charismatic soloist on keys and vocals as well as frontman for Jungle Poppins, Reid lets music upstage autism.

Got 7 minutes?

Talk Time with Reid Moriarty is a series of nearly 100 interviews with people Reid finds interesting and you might too!

Connecting with curious learners of all ages, Reid shows rather than tells audiences about autism through his energetic, interactive, musical presentations.


Reid Moriarty is a man with a mic motivated to entertain and show that everyone has a unique gift. Don't let his autism fool you. People who find the human spirit irresistible find his performances and podcast unlikely, unscripted, and unaffected. Bringing a contagious sense of joy to every audience, Reid's voice breaks through social barriers to inspire.

musician with autism singing star spangled banner
musician recording on keyboard and singing in a microphone

"Love Purple Party! Reid made an impact that will last a lifetime."

Diana Pastora-Carson,

"I ALWAYS feel better after clicking a Talk Time link."

Dave Kaplan, Surfdog Records

"Reid is a must-have speaker."

Professor Mendy McClure, SDSU

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